Professional equipment applied in fight against drug-related crime VGP - A coordination regulation on research and application of scientific and technological advances to the production and use of professional equipment and combat gears in the fight against drug-related crime was signed on May 13 in Ha Noi.
Drug trafficked by foreigners into VN tends to increase VGP - Many foreigners have transported illicit drugs from the "Golden Triangle" area through Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, and then across the Cambodia-Viet Nam border in the southern province of Tay Ninh to Ho Chi Minh City or a third country for consumption.
More than 2,300 communes, wards recording no drug crimes VGP – As many as 235,314 drug addicts in Viet Nam have had management profiles, according to the Ministry of Public Security.
Drug traffickers increase activities during COVID-19 period VGP – Police and border forces said that a number of criminals, including drug criminals, are taking advantages of COVID-19 prevention and control period to increase criminal activities.
1.36 tons of drugs seized in HCM City in 2019 VGP – Police force in Ho Chi Minh City seized more than 356 kg of heroin, 1.36 tons of synthetic drug, 5.8 kg of cocaine and 40.8 kg of cannabis in 2019.