VN continues to drastically combat drug-related crimes

Friday 28/08/2020 09:16

VGP – Colonel Nguyen Van Vien, Director of Investigation Police Department on Drug-related Crimes, Ministry of Public Security said that drug crime in Viet Nam continues to be affected by the drug crime situation around the world and the region, especially the "Golden Triangle" area.

In a recent interview, Vien said that in the Viet Nam-Laos border area, the trafficking and illegal transportation of drugs has sharply increased, especially synthetic drugs. This route has directly been affected by the illegal production and sale of drugs from the "Golden Triangle" area into the country with the support of crime groups and gangs that operate in “drug hot-spots” along the border.

In the Viet Nam-Cambodia border area, the drug trafficking from the "Golden Triangle" transits Thailand, Laos and Cambodia to Viet Nam. Some suspects abuse travelling, visiting relatives, doing business and gambling in Cambodia for trafficking drugs. The drug addicts go to Cambodia to traffick drugs for use.

Meanwhile, in the Viet Nam-China border area, drugs, especially heroin, is transported from aboard to Viet Nam and then continues to be transported to China.

Recently, competent forces of Viet Nam and China have strengthened coordination in publicity and drastic attacks, so acts of trafficking and illegal transportation of synthetic drugs from China to Viet Nam have been less than before, but there is always a risk of complications, the risk of Chinese suspects transferring capital, human resources, means and techniques to other countries, including Viet Nam to illegally manufacture drugs.

On the sea route, smugglers continue to abuse trafficking drugs in large quantities from abroad to Viet Nam and then from Viet Nam to a third country.

In field of cooperation between the major special operations forces in drug crime prevention and control, Vien asserted that over the past year, forces have coordinated effectively in the fight against drug crimes, especially tackling transnational drug crime rings.

The Investigation Police Department on Drug-related Crimes continues to coordinate with the competent forces to prevent drug-related crimes, and effectively implement peak attacks, suppress crimes, and maintain public order and security.

The coordination between competent forces in the context of our country's deep international integration, investment, trade and tourism, is developing but also leads to many risks of transnational drug crimes.

The results in fighting drug crimes in reality show that large transnational drug trafficking and illegal transportation rings and special cases have been led by foreign perpetrators who worked with Vietnamese suspects to establish companies to operate with sophisticated tricks and abuse the import and export activities of goods to illegal transport drugs.

Therefore, the coordination among four major special operations forces should be strengthened to prevent and tackle them promptly and effectively, especially direct coordination should be performed well.

According to Decision No. 133/2002/QD-TTg in 2002 of the Prime Minister, four major special operations forces include: the Investigation Police Department on Drug-related Crimes of the Ministry of Public Security and local Police forces, Border Guards, Coast Guard and Customs.

By Thuy Dung

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