Customs sector launches action month for drug prevention, control 2020

Tuesday 16/06/2020 09:46

VGP – The General Department of Viet Nam Customs has launched an action month for drug prevention and control in 2020, which is themed “Promote spirit of prevention and battle against the Covid-19 pandemic, take action for the community without drugs”.

The sector has requested units to work with local government, relevant organizations and sectors to communicate the Party’s policies and State’s laws on drug prevention and control and the consequences and harms of drugs to raise awareness, vigilance and self-denunciation of crimes for people in the area about prevention and fight against drug-related crimes in border areas and border gates.

It also heads to continue implementing the directions on drug prevention and control of the Politburo, the Government and the Ministry of Finance;  strictly implement directives, plans and official letters on strengthening the prevention and fight against drug transportation on means of transport across the Viet Nam-Laos and Viet Nam-Cambodia border gates.

Its agencies are required to strengthen the implementation of drug prevention and control through carrying out customs procedures, especially in inspection, supervision and control of import and export goods, means of transport on exit, entry and in transit at check points to detect those engaged in the trafficking and transportation of drugs across border gates.  

It also targets to perform synchronously customs supervision measures, enhance domestic and foreign information collection and analysis, investigation and verification for suspects and means of transport related to trafficking and transportation of drug and precursor substances to make plans and tackle drug trafficking and transportation in customs control areas.

It stresses the need to closely inspect and supervise import-export activities, transportation and transit of precursor substances, addictive substances and psychotropic substances, especially in the processing zone and industrial park, focusing on inspecting in customs control area. Performance must ensure the compliance with provisions of the law and not cause troubles to import and export activities of enterprises.

The Anti-drug Enforcement Team or Customs Enforcement Team is tasked to advise leaders of the departments to develop and deploy effectively the action month, strengthen the use of sniffing dogs and specialized equipment to check goods, luggage and vehicles across border gates and deploy drug prevention through the implementation of customs procedures.

It aims to focus on inspecting, supervising and monitoring import-export goods, vehicles on exit, entry and in transit in customs check point to detect and arrest cases of drug trafficking and transportation across border gates.

The GDVC has requested municipal and provincial customs departments grasp the situation, collect documents and combat illegal trafficking and transporting drugs suspects and precursor substances across border gates. Especially, strengthen strict analysis, screening, detection and control for unusual transactions in import, export and temporary import for the export of goods. In addition, it is necessary to coordinate with police, border guards, coast guard and other agencies to effectively implement the plan.

The GDVC requests the Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department direct its subordinate units to grasp the situation, monitor targeted areas, collect and handle information on drug crimes. Closely coordinate with specialized units of municipal and provincial customs department and competent forces to detect cases of drug smuggling and transportation across border gates.

In addition, the sector regularly coordinates and discusses with forces of police, border guards, international organizations and other countries that have regular relationships to understand the situation, methods and tricks of drug-related crimes.

By Thuy Dung

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