More than 2,100 calls to hotline on victims of human trafficking

Tuesday 20/10/2020 13:06

VGP – The hotline on consulting and supporting victims of human trafficking received 2,135 calls in the first nine months of 2020, an increase of 527 compared to the same period last year. 

Of the figure, 1,803 calls provided information on activities of the hotline and 285 were relevant to counseling on policy and services for victims of human trafficking. 

Remarkably, 47 were sent for authorized agencies to rescue and support human trafficking victims.

Callers were mainly local people (86.1%), family members and friends of victims (8.4%), local officials and press agencies exchanging information relevant to human trafficking (4.4%) and human trafficking victims (1.1%). 

Viet Nam reported 60 human trafficking cases in the first half of 2020, with 90 victims, mainly women and children, sold to foreign countries.

This marks a year-on-year drop of 31% in the number of cases and 37% in the number of victims.

Over 70% of these victims were women and children from poverty-stricken border areas where people are poorly educated.

Viet Nam is a human trafficking hotspot with the crime generating tens of billions of dollars annually, according to the Ministry of Public Security.

The country has recorded over 3,400 victims of human trafficking since 2013, over 90% of them women, children and people from ethnic minority communities.

80% of the victims ended up in China, one of the countries dealing with the worst gender imbalances due to its one-child policy and illegal abortion of female fetuses by parents who prefer sons, leading to increasing trafficking of Vietnamese women and baby girls to that country.

By Thuy Dung 

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