PM figures out measures to enhance drug prevention, control work

Tuesday 25/02/2020 15:26

VGP – The Prime Minister has signed Decision No. 291/QĐ-TTg on issuing the plan on the implementation of Directive No. 36-CT/TW dated August 16, 2019 of the Political Bureau on enhancement and improvement of drug prevention and control. 

Earlier on August 16, 2019, the Political Bureau issued Directive No. 36-CT/TW on enhancement and improvement of drug prevention and control, which aims to strengthen the leadership of the Party, improve the management of the State and the close and synchronous coordination of all levels, agencies and socio-political organizations, uphold the synthetic strength of the political system and all people to gradually restrain and struggle against drug as well as strictly and effectively realize set measures and tasks to increase the effectiveness of drug prevention and control works. 

The implementation of Directive No. 36-CT/TW must be carried out in line with the realization of directives, resolutions and national programs and strategies of the Party and the Government and the local socio-economic development programs and plans. 

9 key tasks, measures proposed 

The plan figures out nine key tasks. Accordingly, ministries and ministerial-agencies under the Government and local People’s Committees should communicate Directive No.36 of the Political Bureau in line with the realization of the national strategy on drug prevention and control in Viet Nam till 2020, with vision to 2030 and the Government’s drug prevention and control program in each period. 

Prevention and control works must be paid attention to and given priority in accordance with the socio-economic conditions at each period, enhancing socialization in each suitable sector. 

The works are regarded as a strategic and long-term solution, focusing on struggling against drug from households, families, communes, wards, districts and high-risk groups. 

Drug trafficking, especially large-scale, trans-border and inter-provincial ones from overseas to Viet Nam should be effectively prevented and detected, with the aim of not letting Viet Nam become a drug transit area. 

Precursors, narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs and veterinary drugs containing narcotics serving exports-imports and production must be strictly controlled.

It is required to review and make the list of drug addicts and people who use drug illegally, preparing resources for early intervention and prevention for drug addicts to limit the number of new drug addicts in line with improving the effectiveness of rehabilitation works. 

Other tasks in the plan include the completion of legal documents on drug prevention and control, amendments to the Law on drug prevention and control, improvement of ‘the capacity of agencies in charge of drug prevention and enhancement of international cooperation in this field as well as ensuring effective implementation of international commitment on drug prevention and control. 

By Thuy Dung      


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