Three policies in draft Law on drug prevention and control reviewed

Thursday 26/03/2020 14:36

VGP – The Ministry of Public Security has assessed social and gender impacts of three policies in the draft Law on drug prevention and control (amended). 

Regarding management mechanism for illegal drug users, the policy aims to improve the effectiveness of State management in drug prevention and control and struggling against drug crimes. 

In addition, it also prevents drug users to become drug addicts, limits the consequences caused by drug users and makes contributions to stabilize social order and safety. 

Related to the establishment of mechanisms and policies to ensure the effectiveness of compulsory rehabilitation and encourage socialization of volunteering rehabilitation work, it contributes to enhancing the effectiveness of compulsory rehabilitation, ensures drug addicts to enjoy the best rehabilitation methods and reduces the number of drug addicts. 

The socialization of rehabilitation will mobilize social resources in drug rehabilitation and reduce expenditure for this work as well as create a clear and specific legal foundation for volunteering and compulsory rehabilitation.     

Drug addicts will have more opportunities and enjoy better mechanism and policies for their drug rehabilitation process to soon integrate into community. 

The policy also ensures rights for females as compulsory rehabilitation are not subject to pregnant women and women entitled to 36-year old month babies. 

In term of the establishment of regulations on drug prevention and control to guarantee the consistency of the legal system, it creates a mechanism and policy for State management in drug prevention and control in line with addressing difficulties and obstacles in drug prevention and control works. 

It improves and ensures social security and community health as the State may control and reduce crimes and violence as well as decreases the proportion of diseases and deaths caused by crimes and drug abuse. 

The policy also forms an objective viewpoint of enterprises for drug prevention and control work. 

By Thuy Dung  

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